JoyCo’ is a marketing and communication Representation Agency based in Milan, Northern Italy, actively working in the Italian market as well as in the major Southern European markets, according to clients’ needs and demands. Thanks to a pool of skilled professionals JoyCo’ is able to offer specific know-how over a wide range of services including: Trade Relations, Marketing, PR & Comm’s, Web & Digital and Consumer’s projects.

Honesty and integrity, enthusiasm and passion play a key role in developing innovative projects and valued synergies between our clients and international tourism key players. Thanks to our wide and long-standing experience in tourism, we intentionally engage with a few and well-selected number of clients, thus offering an exclusive representation service tailored to each different brand. We guarantee no competing brands in our portfolio. JoyCo’ has a deep market knowledge and already formed bonds with diverse influencers. By acting exclusively in our clients’ interest, we secure a constant in-market presence and a wide range of consulting services customised to meet each brand’ specific needs at a convenient cost.

JoyCo’ is the perfect choice to increase your business!


Gioja Tresoldi is JoyCo’ founder and Managing Director since 2012. She has a background of twenty-five years with a wide range of tour operating companies, from big to niche, where she has been covering increasing prominent positions and deepening her knowledge of Africa, Australia, Indian & Pacific Ocean, North & South America and the Caribbean areas. Additional senior experience was gained in his role as Trade Relations Manager in the South African Tourism Italian office for two years. All her travelling has enriched her life greatly and her valued background in several market segments has strengthen her ability to understand the key issues and potential of the tourism industry. With her expertise, global connections and consolidated relations within tourism trade, she is eager to develop brand strategies to improve awareness and achieve client’s targets.


Silvia Testoni is JoyCo’ PR&Comms Manager. After more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and communication within international tourism organizations such as Canadian Tourism Commission, Wallon agency in Belgian Embassy and South African Tourism, she joined JoyCo’ in 2016 bringing to the representative agency her great interpersonal and communication skills as well as an extensive PR network and consolidated relationships with all kind of media partners. Passionate and ethical, leads by doing with a practical approach, she will be able to achieve and exceed demanding client’s targets and budget driven objectives while providing outstanding quality of work within tight deadlines.



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